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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

Prayer List

Updated May, 2017

Praise for finally being able to transition the whole family back to church at the same time. We have not been able to worship together as a family for nearly 5 years!

Prayer for Isaac as we transition him into a “normal” school with a special needs classroom where they have inclusion opportunities to them to interact in the classroom and on the playground.

Prayer for Hannah and Megan as they continue making “adult” decisions for their futures.

Pray for Megan. We have not shared much about her struggles. But as many of you know she has many allergies such as gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. Even tiny cross contamination causes headaches, tummy distress and other complications. She has been getting worse with these issues this past year as well as dealing with problems associated with her two bulging discs in her lower back. Long story short….lots of medical/physical issues that have had her not able to live up to her full potential has been emotionally draining. She has been improving a bit lately, but still quite a ways to go.

  • annette skarin

    I just prayed. Will wait for an update.

  • Cindy

    My niece had a precious little boy diagnosed with Charge in 2004. It was her first child. He lived for four .months. No one in our family had heard of Charge Syndrome before. The Dr ‘s had a hard time with the diagnosis.

    I found your blog a year or so ago. I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my prayers as you go through each journey.

    Cindy Abell

  • KevinTroupe

    Cindy, thanks for following our journey. Even though time has passed I will lift up your niece in prayer for healing and comfort in her loss of her baby. Some pains never fully heal.

  • Rita

    I stumbled across a picture of Isaac, and then this blog. I felt compelled to leave a comment and hope your family is thriving and that little Isaac is doing well!
    I met your family at the CHARGE convention in Chicago last year. I was Isaac’s helper at camp. The short time I spent with him and Megan was an amazing experience. Megan has so much love for her little brother it moves me to even think about it. I will never forget either of them and I just wanted to make sure to let you know that they are the example my heart uses when I think of unconditional love and sacrifice. You have beautiful children and a wonderful family. Please continue to update on Isaac and know he will always be in my thoughts.

    Continued blessings for your family!

    • kmtroupe

      Rita, thank you for your comments and kind words. We too are very blessed by both of our oldest daughters. They are true warrior siblings who care and protect their brothers.